ESSE 1000H hybrid cooker

The NEXT GENERATION ESSE 1000 HYBRID (Half Wood, Half Electric ) Cooker is coming: Due 2024

Whats NEW ….

Improved air wash over the glass ( Cleaner glass )  : Cooler to touch front and doors : New color range : easier to clean hob

A true hybrid cooker for those who demand the modern innovative features of electric, but still want to be able to be romanced by flickering flames and the convection heat that only a wood cooker can create, look no further than the ESSE Hybrid.

The left hand side of the hybrid is all wood, the firebox is designed with the latest emissions and efficiency technology to provide long clean burn and heat your home all in one

The right hand side is all electric, the 2 electric ovens and hot plate are all controlled by ESSE’s separate controller. You can hide this in a cupboard, or bench mount for fast control

ESSE Hybrid: cosiness and convenience rolled into one beautiful range cooker

The best of both worlds: the convenience and control of electric power with the cosy glow of a real fire.

When your head wants the ease and convenience of electric power, but your heart still yearns for a real fire, ESSE has the answer.

Meet the new 1000 Hybrid. An elegant range cooker with contemporary convenience and control as standard and a real fire at its heart.

In its element as the focal point of an open-plan studio diner or at the heart of a traditional country kitchen, the Hybrid is a dual-fuel range cooker that offers the choice and versatility of cooking with solid fuel or electricity.

Opening the beautiful firebox door on the left reveals a window through which you can gaze upon a real fire that generates enough warmth to heat a room up to 40m2.
Behind the lower door is a second oven which derives its heat from the firebox for the rustic wood-fired roasting and baking performance that professional chefs and enthusiastic amateur cooks associate with ESSE.

The firebox also powers the large circular hotplate above, which can reach temperatures of up to 400°C and accommodate up to three pans; simply move to the outer edge of the hotplate to reduce the temperature from a rolling boil to a steady simmer.

The right hand side of the ESSE Hybrid is an all-electric affair, comprising two cooking ovens, a full-width grill and a generous hotplate. This delivers fingertip control and flexibility with the style and elegance of an ESSE.

Both the generous ovens feature our patented 2.6kW wraparound elements, which guarantee even temperatures and faster heat-up times and a 2.6kW ‘wall-to-wall’ grill in the top oven.
Whichever oven you use, the Hybrid performs like a solid fuel stove thanks to its robust construction and ESSE’s patented surround heat engineering – which ensures the heat radiates evenly throughout the cooker.

The external control panel can be wall-mounted or can stand on a worktop. The ESSE Hybrid electric range cooker requires 1 x 15 Amp plug socket and a six-inch flue.

ESSE has an enduring legacy of 170 years manufacturing stoves, and the ESSE 1000 W is the latest in this long line of cookers. With its stunning matte black finish, the 1000 W has all the look and feel of a quintessential wood stove, with the performance of a modern stove.

ESSE stoves are some of the cleanest burning and most energy efficient appliances available and are exported around the world.

Every ESSE heating or cooking appliance is entirely hand-built by a skilled workforce in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, UK.

ESSE hybrid cooker - half wood/half electric

The best of both worlds! The left hand side of the hybrid is all wood. The right hand side is all electric (which just plugs into a 15amp power supply)

More than just a cooker

Fire up your ESSE wood stove and it's not just the left hand side of your stove that is heated, but you also get the warmth of your ESSE fire heating your home (up to 60m2)

BBQ inside your ESSE

Inside the firebox, over glowing red embers you can char-grill the perfect steak, or place in a pizza stone to make your very own wood fired pizza's

The biggest hot plate cooking

It's not just the hot plates that get hot...but the entire top.
When the wood side is lit, the left hand side is your cooking area.
When the electric hot plate is on, the right hand side is cooking area.
Put them both on at the same time and the entire top is your cooking surface to play with.

2 wood ovens + 2 electric ovens = 4 ovens

Fire up your wood stove and not only can you cook inside your firebox, but the lower left hand oven is evenly heated with ESSE's unique surround heating.
Turn on your electric ovens and you get additional 2 true cooking ovens, perfectly controlled with ESSE's patented surround wrap around electric elements heating these cast iron ovens

One amazing cooker

The ESSE hybrid is ESSE's jewel of cookers, offering not only a true slow combustion wood stove but ESSE's efficient electric cooker all in one stove. This with the stunning cast iron construction and choice of over 6 gloss finishes, the hybrid is just amazing




Hot water

Flue Kit

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height 900mm
width 990mm
depth 670mm
Rear clearance to combustible 60mm
Side clearance to combustible 30mm
Corner clearance to combustible 30mm
Rear clearance to non combustible 25mm
Side clearance to non combustible 25mm
Corner clearance to non combustible 25mm
flue size 150mm
min flue height 5mtrs
hot water Optional
heating capacity 60m2
efficiency 78.2%
Emissions 0.8grms
wood length 380mm
stove weight 404kg