ESSE 905 wood stove

The perfect stove to replace an old Everhot 204 wood stove, or even better for the modern household it has to be clean, low maintenance and easy to live with.

The ESSE 905 has one of the largest fireboxes, set up to burn wood only, not only can you load up to 18″ (450mm) long wood – but its proper slow combustion and will burn all night long.

ESSE’s ovens are not only very deep, the have wrap around heat to give you the best baking experience. Both ovens are true cooking ovens.

The large dog-bone shaped hot plate can take your pots from boil to simmer by simply sliding your pots across the hot plate.

Add the optional hot water jacket for heating your hot water for free

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This classic three-door, two oven range cooker features advanced ESSE technology for outstanding fuel-efficiency. And its firebox is big enough that you can simply load it up with large logs, and forget all about it while you get on with cooking something utterly delicious.

The 905 WN is a beautifully traditional cast iron wood-burning cooker perfectly suited to your kitchen; clean-burning, fuel-efficient, and a pleasure to use – with a total oven capacity of 80 litres, and a large “dog bone” hotplate.

It’s designed to save your energy, too. With a firebox big enough to take 45cm logs, there’s no need for frequent refuelling. You can simply load it up in the morning, then add some more before cooking dinner, and again when you go to bed. So you can keep your fire burning for days, even weeks – only emptying out the ash once a month.

For even greater fuel-efficiency, unique after-burn catalysers above the firebox reburn smoke particles or unburned fuel in a secondary combustion chamber fed by the hot gases from the firebox and hot air ducted around the firebox from the base of cooker.

Oven temperatures are easy to control, too – with a simple slider to adjust burn rate, and a second latch which enables the door to be secured slightly ajar, allowing extra air to be drawn in for an extra boost.

You can choose to send heat from the fire around the ovens and via the hotplate before it reaches the flue, or you can bypass the full circuit and heat the hotplate without affecting the oven temperature. (See ESSE oven temperature dial guide.)

  • Woodburning cooker
  • Oven capacity top 48 ltr
  • Oven capacity bottom 32 ltr
  • Hotplate upto 6 pans
  • Suitable for continuous burning
  • Radiant heat output to room upto 5kW
  • Optional domestic hot water boiler

ESSE 905 wood stove

The perfect slow combustion wood stove. The ESSE 905 is designed with the largest firebox which creates long over night burn, and 2 true baking ovens for the perfect sponge.
If you have an old Everhot 204 wood stove, the ESSE 905 is the perfect replacement

Two models to choose from

The ESSE 905 is available with a painted hob : or with the 905 DELUXE with the an enamel hob.
Either model is the perfect for true foodies who just love to bake.

Big deep ovens

The top right oven is the perfect baking oven with ESSE's unique surround heat with provides the oven with the most consistent heat. The lower right oven is a true oven, runs approx 50°C lower temperature than the top oven to give you two true cooking ovens

Cook like a pro with the largest hot plate

The unique "dog-bone" shaped hot plate is perfect for controlling your cooking, over the firebox on the left you can boil the largest pot, and simply slide your pots to the right to reduce the temperature to just a simmer with ease

Largest firebox

The ESSE 905 is a true slow combustion wood stove with the ability to put 18" logs in, you are ensured that your stove will be still alight and hot in the morning

So many colours

With over 20 enamel colours (plus a matte finish), you can choose any colour as long as it's beautiful!





Flue Kit

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height 900mm
width 905mm
depth 600mm
Rear clearance to combustible 40mm
Side clearance to combustible 30mm
Corner clearance to combustible 30mm
Rear clearance to non combustible 25mm
Side clearance to non combustible 25mm
Corner clearance to non combustible 25mm
flue size 150mm
min flue height 5mtrs
hot water Optional
heating capacity 3m2
efficiency 74.5%
Emissions 1grms
wood length 400mm
stove weight 400kg