mirage gas log fire : heats 50+m2

The Mirage 18 is no ordinary gas log fire

It’s perfect for rooms up to 60m2, the heat comes out the bottom (no more cold feet)

Come standard with remote control that controls the 6 Flame settings, 6 fan settings, uses DURAVENT outside balanced flue, you can run the flue directly out the back, or out the top, has 4 colors available and one of the clearest safety screens you have ever “not” seen.


The Pacific Energy Mirage is available as Natural Gas only

Pacific Energy Mirage Gas Log Fire Blog


greg parker-hill

The Pacific Energy Mirage gas log fire was designed to give that European style for your home.

Tall, elegant and available in vitreous enamel finishes, to give color and warmth to your home, this fire looks just at home in a loft home as it does in a small lounge room.

With long yellow dancing flames, this fire looks better in real life than what it does on the brochure.

You can style the fire with either camp style logs, or for something modern, go the glass embers.

As for features, this heater is unique in many ways.

The Screen

To make the screen look like its not there, pacific energy sourced black stainless web thickens, its soo fine its almost impossible to see. This feature makes your fire look amazing and does not hide away of the safety gas heaters need.

The Heat

The Mirage you can run with no fan on at all.. it turns it into a radiant heater  – all the heat comes out the top.

Turn the fan on, and the heat then comes out the bottom vents to spread across your floor.

Power outage

In times of power outages, the heater will still operate.

The battery back up kicks in to let you to get your heater going : there will be no fan, but you can still run the heater as a radiant heater

Remote Standard

The remote comes included with this fire : and gives you total control, or thermostat mode


*The Pacific Energy Mirage is available as Natural Gas only

mirage gas log fire

why have any gas log fire, when you can have a mirage...with 4 colour options (black, white, red and titanium) and a choice between camp style logs or modern glass fire burner. the mirage is perfect for styling for your own taste

compact gas log fire

the european design of the mirage is perfect for matching the more modern australian home.
994mmm high 530mm wide 440mm deep

no more cold feet

a unique ground level convection output (the hot air comes out of the bottom vents) provides optimum air circulation and heat distribution. as the hot air rises and circulates, it creates a consistent floor-to-ceiling temperature zone.

mirage gas log fire flames

the stunning flames the mirage has is what makes you stop and enjoy this fire. you can choose from driftwood timber look, or for modern homes, flames through glass

remote control standard

the esprit offers 2 modes
1. manual: this gives you total control of 6 flame settings and 6 fan settings (you can run the mirage wit no fan)
2. thermostat control. let the mirage do it for you

pacific energy mirage review

the colour choices, the unique way the fan blows heat out the bottom, the micro mesh (can't even see this safety screen) this may be brilliant, but its the mirage stunning flames that makes the mirage a stunning fire - a must see heater


Burner style

Flue Kit

Gas type

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height 994mm
width 530mm
depth 440mm
Rear clearance to combustible 102mm
Side clearance to combustible 102mm
Corner clearance to combustible 76mm
Rear clearance to non combustible 102mm
Side clearance to non combustible 102mm
Corner clearance to non combustible 76mm
flue size 180mm
min flue height 0mtrs
hot water No
heating capacity 60m2
efficiency 66.48%
Emissions 0grms
wood length 0mm
stove weight kg