ESSE 500el electric range cooker

the esse 500el fits 2 purposes : you can have it as a stand alone electric range cooker : or add it to a esse wood stove as an companion to give you the ultimate wood+electric combination

built like all esse’s with stunning enameled cast iron doors – cast iron ovens and quality all the way

and like all other esse electric range cookers, the 500el is mega efficient – it just plugs into any 15amp power plug


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Introducing the 500 EL – a compact electric ESSE range cooker that fits comfortably into any size of kitchen. The 500 EL slots easily into the space reserved for a standard cooker, providing the beauty of a cast-iron stove with the amazing roasting and baking qualities of an ESSE range.

Comprising separate top and bottom ovens, a full-width grill and a generous cast iron hotplate accommodating up to three pans, the 500 EL delivers the plug and play flexibility of a modern cooker with all the style and elegance of an ESSE.

The dials for ovens, grill and hob are neatly housed in a standalone external control panel which can be wall-mounted or freestanding. And, of course, with no flue needed, your 500 EL can be positioned wherever there’s a 13AMP power supply.

Both the generous ovens – designed to be deep rather than wide to retain heat – can be used independently and incorporate ESSE’s patented surround heat engineering for even baking results every time. The grill and hotplate are also independently controlled.

Suitable for use with all pans, the powerful heat of the 33cm hotplate is perfect for direct to cast iron hob cooking while the bolster lid creates a ‘steam and sizzle’ environment.

Like most ESSE range cookers, the 500 EL can usually be placed on a kitchen floor without additional support or concrete base.

The 500 EL is compatible with a fitted kitchen or as a standalone appliance. The vented ovens do not need connecting through an external wall giving you more freedom to position your ESSE.

The slimline (W: 350mm x H: 110mm x D: 65mm) external control panel can either be mounted on a wall or standalone on an adjacent worktop thanks to optional feet, maximising the heated space available on the hob.

Both top and bottom ovens feature patented 3kW wraparound elements and a 3kW ‘wall-to-wall’ grill element provides even temperatures and consistent performance all the way across the top oven.

In standby/slumber mode, the entire hob heats up – ideal for keeping dishes warm.

From energy-saving standby/slumber mode*, the hotplate takes just 38 minutes to get from 150⁰Centigrade to 400⁰Centigrade.

The 500 EL’s individual ovens, grill and hotplate elements work together in harmony thanks to ESSE’s Powershare system, which continuously optimises performance whether a single oven or the whole cooker is being used.

* The 500 EL consumes 0.32kW in standby/slumber mode at a room temperature of 18°C.

  • Up to three pans can be used simultaneously on the hotplate. Suitable for direct to cast iron hob cooking. Bolster lid creates a ‘steam & sizzle’ cooking environment.
  • Supplied with a slimline external control panel (350mm wide x 110mm high x 65mm deep), with 80cm cable that can be wall mounted or stand alone on a worktop.
  • Both the top and lower ovens can be used independently. The hot plate and grill are also independently controlled.
  • Both ovens have moisture control vents that can retain moisture for baking or create dry heat for crisping roast potatoes.
  • Durable and powerful 3kW surround elements for oven, grill and hotplate = energy efficiency and even better cooking.
  • Designed and hand built in Britain by dedicated engineers drawing on the knowledge of more than 160 years of ESSE stove design.
  • Available in a choice of 20 colours.
  • ESSE 5yr guarantee from warranty registration when purchased through an ESSE specialist retailer.

what is a companion?

the esse 500el companion is a small electric cooker that can be the perfect stand-a-lone stove for smaller homes, of it can be joined to any of esse's other wood, or electric, cookers to give you the ultimate cooking experience

skillet hot plate

the cast iron skillet hot plate heats the entire top of the 500 companion : allowing the center cast ring to boil your pots, and the outer black hob to simmer your pots all at the same time

2 true cooking ovens

both the top and bottom ovens are true cooking ovens, and with esse surround heat technology, they cook just like a wood stove with even heat on all sides
the top oven also has a full width grill

seperate controls

the controls are separate to the 500 companion, giving the stove a clean design
you can wall mount these, or hide in a draw next to your companion

perfect for every esse

the companion is designed to perfectly fit along side any of esse wood or electric range cookers to give you the ultimate cooking experience

mega efficient

the esse 500 companion just plugs into a standard 15amp power supply.
the shared power means your esse companion will cost you approx $ 1.60 per day to run



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height 900mm
width 500mm
depth 600mm
Rear clearance to combustible 10mm
Side clearance to combustible 10mm
Corner clearance to combustible 10mm
Rear clearance to non combustible 10mm
Side clearance to non combustible 10mm
Corner clearance to non combustible 10mm
flue size 0mm
min flue height 0mtrs
hot water No
heating capacity 3m2
efficiency 89.9%
Emissions 0grms
wood length 0mm
stove weight 195kg