pacific energy alderlea t4 wood heater – heats 200+m2

The alderlea T4 is perfect for the smaller home that demands quality.

It may look traditional, but under the cast iron skin is the most modern steel wood heater made.

Only available in very limited numbers of enamel Majolica Brown.

And the marriage of the thermal mass of the cast iron, mixed with the fast heat up of the steel firebox : you can rest that your home will heat up fast and keep the heat in with the alderlea wood heater


The Canadian made, Alderlea T4 may look classic in design, but under the cast iron casing is a high efficient wood heater.

One of the best features of the Alderlea is the clearances – the floating cast outer casting over a steel firebox means the cast finish is cool to touch and you can put your furniture nice and close

The combination of the steel firebox, to give you fast heat up : and the cast outer skin, to give you thermal mass – these two ways of heating works perfectly together.

Your home will heat up nice and fast, where the cast iron outer body thermal mass will keep heating your home hours after the fire goes out

The firebox is fully firebrick lined to give your fire the environment to burn clean, and all night long

The optional fan has a thermostatic start option – this option will ensure the fan only operates when the heater is at its ultimate temperature

traditional look, modern in design

the alderlea T4 has an impressive tested an average 67% efficiency, or 4 star rating. This is 20% more efficient than other heaters in this range - meaning you will burn 20% less wood per year. As for emissions, the alderlea T4 is tested at 1.5 grms, or 4.5 star rating with emissions (that's 40% cleaner burning than most wood heaters in this class)

alderlea colours

2 colours to choose from
enamel antique white / or enamel majolica brown

cast over steel

Unlike other cast iron heaters that are radiant (not to touch) the alderlea wood heaters use a traditional steel firebox for fast heat up, but then have a cast outer for thermal mass, and unique looks

one single air control

All pacific energy wood heaters have one single air control to operate the heaters.
This air control has a massive 225mm of adjustment which makes these heaters easy to control

pacific energy ash dump

Cleaning the alderlea heaters are easy with the ash dump system.
No need to touch dirty ash, the ash dump is spring loaded for guaranteed closure every time

alderea t4 review

Stylish traditional finish, with the most modern engine is the best way to explain the alderlea wood heaters.
The way this fire feels in quality is matched in its performance


Flue Kit

Out Side Air




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height 714mm
width 660mm
depth 527mm
Rear clearance to combustible 250mm
Side clearance to combustible 350mm
Corner clearance to combustible 200mm
Rear clearance to non combustible 25mm
Side clearance to non combustible 25mm
Corner clearance to non combustible 25mm
flue size 150mm
min flue height 4mtrs
hot water No
heating capacity 200m2
efficiency 67%
Emissions 1.5grms
wood length 300mm
stove weight 185kg


## 10 year warranty on fire Box, glass door, baffle.... ## LIFETIME warranty on any enamel finished... ## 2 Year warranty on any electrical parts ( including fan