Heatmaster Enviro Gas Log Fire – heats 250m²


The Heatmaster Enviro is an award-winning high efficiency gas log fireplace with a huge heating capacity perfect for open plan living areas.

The Enviro has a sleek contemporary design which is available with a choice of logs, pebbles or coals to match the look and style of your home.

The programmable thermostat remote control allows you to ensure that your house is warm when you get up in the morning or get home at night.

Perfect for the larger home.

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Made in Melbourne, the Heatmaster Enviro Gas Log Fire is designed for the largest of homes.

Its powerful high efficient burner is purpose built to not only give you low running costs, but to also give you great flames.

Like any engine, you can tune the fuel>air mix to get the perfect combustion. The issue here is you also loose the effect of a lazy long yellow flame.

This is where the Heatmaster Enviro is different : the balance of tuning the fire to increase the efficiency, with out loosing the flame effect you want for a gas log fire is perfect.

As for heat output, the fan is no cheap barrel fan, but a snail design that increases the air flow per up to 3 time more than a traditional gas fire.

The TURBO mode really belts out the air flow, perfect for trying to heat a cold room : it will ensure you home is heated very fast.

When it comes to installation, the Enviro is so easy to install, it uses a power flue system.

What a Power Flue System is, its 2 x small 100mm & 75mm flexi pipes :

  • One sucks air in from outside to power you fire
  • The other one exhausts the gasses left over for your fire

Being powered by a fan, the first benefit is you can run these flue pipes 3mts horizontally. And you can run these vertical, horizontal and even under the floor…



24 or 36 month interest free available

Choose between 24 or 36 months interest free
Take home for as little as $52.27 per week (over 36 months interest free*) *Approved applicants only. Fees and T&Cs apply. To find out more, and get pre-approval click here.

Safe for your home

The Heatmaster Enviro complies to the NEW ESV Gas Heater requirements - designed with POWER FLUE : this heater is a 2 flue system and uses a fan to bring in outside air for your home

stunning gas heater for the larger home

the heatmaster enviro is one powerful gas log fire. its huge 250m2 heating capacity means this is perfect for the larger home

perfect for new homes

the enviro is called zero clearance, meaning you don't need a chimney. you can frame a wall out of timber and install in any new, or existing home.
framing opening 690mm high / 960mm wide / 550mm deep

behind the glass is a powerful fire

the enviro is designed with the latest high efficiency technology, high speed fans, intense burner, perfect for the larger home wanting serious heat with low running costs

choose the look of your fire

the heatmaster enviro gives you 3 choices in flames
- traditional logs
- modern rocks
- or old fashion coal

power flue

the heatmaster enviro uses 2 x flues.
one brings in the outside air to your fire - the other is the exhaust
powerflue give your so many options for installation for the difficult home

heatmaster enviro review

made in Australia, the enviro is designed for the largest of homes. a true powerful heater that does deliver.
The programmable remote is easy to use, and perfect for setting your fire to be on when you get home



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Flue Kit


Gas type

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Installation Type Zero Clearance for timber frame out
Flue Type Power fan assist flue
Gas requirements Natural Gas 42Mj Input / Propane 42Mj Input
Efficiency / Star rating 4.5 Stars
Heating capacity 10.2kW Output
Heater depth 550mm
Features Massive heating capacity / Log or rock flame options
Options Three or four sided fascia options available
Controls Remote thermostat, with 7 day program standard - hidden off and on button if you lose the remote