Rear Flue Kit for wood heaters

Pivot’s Insulated Rear Room Sealed Flue Kit is the perfect solution when wanting to install a wood heater that offers rear flue.

For that more modern look – our Room Sealed Flue Kit offers

  • 90° tee piece outside, with cleaning access cap
  • Adjustable rear flue, to suit every home
  • Increases your heater’s ability to heat your home by 8%
  • Reduces noise by 90%
  • All stainless construction
  • BAL rated to BAL-40 and BAL-FZ
  • Uses twist-lock joining on all fittings
  • The only flue with a 7 year warranty
  • All tested and approved to AS/NZS 2918:201 Appendix F,
  • Tested and approved for all make and model wood heaters


Pivot’s Insulated Rear Room Sealed Flue Kit is the perfect solution when wanting to install a wood heater that offers rear flue.

Using insulated, twist-lock flue, the flue locks together straight and clean, with a very professional look.

The tee piece on the outside has an access cap, making sweeping the flue extremely simple.

Supplied with two adjustable wall brackets, the flue will be securely braced to stand against high winds.

The outer skin is completely stainless steel, and only 200mm wide. Backed by a 7 year warranty.


Wood Heater with Rear Flue

If you have a wood heater that has the ability to rear flue, you need a flue kit to suit. Pivot's Insulated Rear Room Sealed Flue Kit is perfect for these heaters.

Pivot's Insulated Rear Flue Kit

The Rear Flue Kit is perfect for any wood heater that uses a rear flue outlet.
The standard 4m flue kit is ideal for a single story home, but you can add additional lengths for two-storey homes.

Cleaning access

The rear tee piece has a water tight twist-locked cap that can be easily removed to access the flue for cleaning.

Full range of flue fittings

Pivot's Room Sealed Flue is a complete system. A full range of bends, tees, flue bracing, cowls and lengths are available.
CLICK HERE for the full RSF Catalogue

Outside your home

Pivot's Insulated Flue kit offers many benefits
- The outer dimension is only 200mm
- The outer flue (and inner flue) are all stainless steel

This makes the Room Sealed Flue Kit perfect for coastal homes.

Twist Lock Flue

No more cutting flue. Pivot's Insulated Flue Kit is all twist-lock joints.

All fittings are supplied with a locking band to keep them extra secure.

What is Insulated Flue?

Used in the UK, Canada and Europe, insulated flue is a high grade flue system for all make and model wood heater and wood stoves.
This flue can be installed as close as 25mm from timber and comes with a 7 year warranty.

BAL Rated

Pivot Room Sealed Flue has been tested to and approved for both Appendix B and Appendix F of AS/NZS2918;2018. The RSFK also meets the requirements of BAL-40 and BAL-FZ ratings.

7 Year Warranty

Pivot's RSF flue kit comes with
- 7 year warranty on the flue
- 1 year warranty on the cowl



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height 4000mm
width mm
depth mm
Style Options
Color Options
Rear clearance to combustible mm
Side clearance to combustible mm
Corner clearance to combustible mm
Burn time h
flue size 150mm
min flue height 4mtrs
hot water No
heating capacity m2
Average efficiency %
Max efficiency %
Emissions grms
wood length mm
stove weight kg
Made in