Tiny home heater info

The tiny home movement is one of the largest growing industries in Australia.

Such tiny homes don’t require much heating, so its not he need, more the want when it comes to putting a wood heater in a small tiny home

The English made, Charnwood wood Aire 3 wood heater is tiny, purpose built for small rooms

The charnwood aire 3 wood heater is packed with all the features you need

Its small heat out put is perfect for heating a tiny home of 35m2

To ensure you get the romance of fire, the heaters quad burning technology is all about burning off the smoke, although the focus here is more for environmental and reducing carbon emissions, what this dos is gives you the most romantic and hypnotic flames

Another important aspect is the air, all fire needs this – and in an tiny home where the house is air-tight, there is not enough air for a wood heater.

The Charnwood Aire 3 has out-side-air : tall the air your fire needs is fed from out side via the inlet pipe, meaning the heater does not use any air form inside, all this air comes from out side

When it comes to size, the Aire 3 is all about being small.

The Charnwood Aire 3 can be installed as close as 75mm away from a timber or plaster wall – no heat shields or fireproofing the walls are necessary.

Safety is paramount for any wood heater, and having a cast iron door that locks securely with a lock style, the cool to touch door handle is so easy to use, and when you shut the door, the lock sound you get means you know the door is securely closed

Lighting the fire is so easy with the single air control, even when you go to clean out your fire, Charnwood have made this easy to with a removable ash pan

The flue used on these heaters is recommended to use the Insulated Room Seal Flue Kit ( RSF ) – not only is this flue cool to touch ( perfect for a small room ) but being a twist lock flue system you can easily remove the flue extension above your roof, allowing you to now relocate your tiny home without stressing over the additional height






Tiny home

Tiny homes may not need a wood heater, but its not about need - but WANT..
If you want to enjoy this experience with a wood heater, you need a wood heater that is small enough to fit a small home

The Right Size Heater

Sizing the wood heater is paramount.


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