pacific energy neo 2.5 – heats 300+ m2

The pacific energy neo 2.5 is one amazing heater.. there is a lot to tell you about this wood fire.

Firstly the performance. With a max efficiency of 89% / average at 82% – this heater will burn almost 3 trailer loads of wood less per year than most other heaters.

And burn. The neo 2.5 has an amazing ‘after burn’ with the stainless steel baffle system that not only make this heater super clean (at 1gm emissions), but burn a solidly overnight (up to 15hours on a single load of wood).

The EBT, the ash dump, the smooth action of the way the door closes – it’s quality all the way

But it’s the security that pacific energy have made a heater with true heart to heat your home all winter long is what you will love the most – and design approved for passive homes

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Neo wood heater blog 2 : additional features

The design of all wood heaters is all base on that your heater is installed with 4mts of flue, and you are using dry wood with a moisture content of 18%, and your home is only 100mtrs above seal level.

The issue here is this is not realistic. If your home has more than 4trs of flue, your heater will burn hotter : if your wood has higher moisture level higher than 18%, the wood will burn slower.

The neo wood heaters have features to compensate these changes to ensure your heater will work, no matter your conditions

Firstly, the flue.

When you add additional flue to any wood heater, this increases the draft, which in tails increases the way your heater burns.

The more flue, the more draft, the faster you heater will burn, you will loose your overnight burn – but more importantly you will burn significantly more wood.

Pacific Energy Extended Burn Time (EBT) is a automatic draft breaker – it knows what your heater needs ( 150mm flue x 4,000mm @ 120+oC = (x+y) draft

As you have more draft , the EBT automatically opens up to break the draft which reduces the air volume back to what the heater is designed at.

The benefit is this heater is perfect for homes with higher ceilings / two story homes / windy locations / of if your home is over 1,000+mtrs in elevation : the EBT regulates your flue draft all by negative pressure, no additional flue dampers or leavers –



pacific energy neo 2.5 - heats 300+m2

One of the most impressive wood heaters in performance, quality and design, the neo 2.5 offers a 12 to 15hours of burn time on a full load of wood with amazing flames
Glass size : w440mm x h235
Firebox : w470mm x h245mm x 620mm

high efficient wood heater

The neo 2.5 is tested with max efficiency of 89%, and an impressive average efficiency of 82%, or 6 star rating. This is 30% more efficient than other heaters in this range (meaning you will burn 3 to 4mtrs of wood less per year). As for emissions, the neo 2.5 is tested at 1grms or 5.5 Star rating (that's an impressive 70% cleaner burning than most wood heaters in this class)

unique stainless steel baffle and a 10 year warrenty

The stainless steel baffle system brings the combustion air through this into the fire - heating it up to an impressive 800°C+ that will incinerate any un-burnt smoke into more flame and heat - making this one impressive fire

pacific energy ebt (extended burn time)

If you are installing your heater into a two story home, or have more than 4mtrs of flue, exclusive to pacific energy (and standard in the neo wood heaters), is their patented EBt2 (extended burn time) that automatically adjusts to give your neo the longest burn times

your heater needs oxygen

No oxygen, no fire. It’s that simple. Today’s homes must be both energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and they are therefore very well-insulated and air tight. All pacific energy freestanding wood heaters have the option to attach an outside air kit so your heater will work no matter how air tight your home is

review on the pacific energy neo 2.5 wood heater

When a company backs its product with one of the most outstanding warranty - that's a good start to any review, but its the customer feedback on how amazing this fire is that is the stand out here.
you will know why this is our customers favorite heater


Flue Kit

Out Side Air




Total Price $0.00 (inc GST)
Please note that this pricing is indicative only and does not represent a quotation, nor does it include installation or delivery unless explicitly specified.


height 1040mm
width 737mm
depth 622mm
Rear clearance to combustible 100mm
Side clearance to combustible 300mm
Corner clearance to combustible 80mm
Rear clearance to non combustible 25mm
Side clearance to non combustible 25mm
Corner clearance to non combustible 25mm
flue size 150mm
min flue height 4mtrs
hot water No
heating capacity 300m2
efficiency 82%
Emissions 1.0grms
wood length 450mm
stove weight 208kg


10 year warranty on fire Box, glass door, baffle LIFETIME warranty on any enamel finished 3 Year warranty on any electrical parts (including fan)

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