heatmaster open fireplaces – for existing chimney

Have an existing fireplace that needs some serious updating? the heatmaster B series is perfect.

4 sizes to choose from, the B series are designed to fit en existing brick chimney to give it a full upgrade

The steel construction, built in flue damper, grate and ash tray standard – it will not only make your fireplace look better, but increase its performance


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Heatmaster open fireplace units are a purpose built steel open fire place.

Being purpose built, they are designed to fit into an existing chimney that is in desperate need of a facelift.

The steel construction heats up extremely fast, but its the convection heating that makes all the difference here.

The best way to explain this, is the Heatmaster open fireplace is a box – within a box.. there is a convention chamber where the heat can build up, and naturally vent into the room through the louvers above the opening of the fireplace.

There is no fan in these units, but you would actually think there was with the amount of air flow you naturally get from this convection chamber

Designed to work

A traditional fireplace you are relaying on the chimney to be built correctly to ensure the draft for the fireplace not to smoke, also in times a traditional brick chimney is not in use, they allow flies and cold drafts to continue to come into the house.

Heatmaster open fireplace fires are deigned to work with your chimneys existing chimney stack.

And in time the HM is not in use, there is a flue damper in the flue to allow you to shut the flue completely, no more flies or drafts when not in use.

As for lighting, having an old fashion grate and ashtray makes lighting the fire so easy to light, and the ashtray is so easy to keep your fireplace clean, no need to shovel out the fire, just slide out the ash tray to take outside for cleaning.

Safety First

The optional screen ( we highly recommend to purchase ) is easy to put on, even when the fire is roaring.

Its locks in to ensure you get 100% total coverage of the opening, absolutely no sparks can fly out when the screen is on.

The way the screen locks in is solid, so if a log did roll forward with the screen on, the screen will stop it.


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the heatmaster B series

the heatmaster B series is not just a box, you can custom the fascia to design the look of your fireplace for your home

the perfect upgrade for your existing chimney

the heatmaster B series is designed to slide into existing open fireplace to give it the full upgrade, the steel firebox will increase the heating capacity by 800%

4 sizes to choose from

how to choose your heatmaster?
1. measure your existing chimney
2. choose the best fit
3. slide your heatmaster in

grate and ashtray

the simplicity of a grate and ashtray gives you a quick start up of your fire, and ease of clean

safety all the way

the optional screen totally secures the full opening of your heatmaster to ensure no logs or sparks enter your room

heatmaster chimney upgrade review

you are not only saving on the cost of a new chimney with the heatmaster, but lower your fuel costs - the heatmaster is proven to give up to 800% more heat than a traditional brick chimney



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Rear clearance to combustible mm
Side clearance to combustible mm
Corner clearance to combustible mm
Rear clearance to non combustible mm
Side clearance to non combustible mm
Corner clearance to non combustible mm
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