..New home and Passive home wood heaters – what do you need to know?

New homes are a lot more air tight than older homes : and as wood heaters use a lot of air, not just for the heater, but also for air cooled flue kits – if you are building a new home, here is the points you need to know if you want a wood heater

what is a passive home

If you are building a new home today, your home will be wither 6+ star rating or passive design. These homes are air tight and installing a wood heater in a home passive home requires particular features

2 types of air needed

This video will explain the air wood heaters need.
# Air required for your wood heater to work ( for your fire )
# Air to cool your flue down in traditional triple skin flue kits

Air for your wood heater

Wood heaters use up to 6000ltrs of air per day : in a Passive air tight home ( or 6+ star rated home ) , a wood heater that uses external air intake is required

Air for your flue

Traditional triple skin ( Air Cooled ) flue uses over 400ltrs of air per minuet to cool the flue down : in a passive home, Insulated ROOM SEAL FLUE (RSF) uses no air and keeps your house air tight


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height mm
width mm
depth mm
Rear clearance to combustible mm
Side clearance to combustible mm
Corner clearance to combustible mm
Rear clearance to non combustible mm
Side clearance to non combustible mm
Corner clearance to non combustible mm
flue size mm
min flue height mtrs
hot water No
heating capacity m2
efficiency %
Emissions grms
wood length mm
stove weight kg