ESSE warmheart

Heats 150+m2


The Esse Warmheart may be a small wood heater : but its packed with so many unique features

  • Designed to heat 50 to 150m2
  • Approved to have a hot water ( wet back ) added
  • True cook top
  • And ability to BBQ directly in the fire box
  • Perfect for high efficient homes / or tiny homes with Outside Air intake standard
  • Esse’s After Burn ( Cat ) for low emissions and extended burn time
    • the Esse Wamheart can comfortably burn for 12 to 15 Hours on one load of wood
  • Design approved for passive homes

Hand made in England by ESSE

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++++The compact esse Warmheart wood-fired cooking stove is the perfect heating solution country cottage or remote shack

While its rugged cast-iron design and simple styling may give the impression that the esse Warmheart has been around for decades, this state-of-the-art piece of quality British engineering encapsulates everything we’ve learned in more than 160 years of manufacturing stoves and range cookers.

Using the same principles as our best-selling Ironheart, the wood-fired Warmheart provides ample heat to keep things warm and toasty while a casserole bubbles away on the hob or a couple of steaks sizzle in the firebox.

No gas or electricity? No problem. The Warmheart comes into its own in an off-grid environment, making it the perfect choice for heating a bolt hole in the outback or a cabin in the woods.

While our standard range cookers are designed to contain heat, the Warmheart also incorporates convection panels that radiate warmth out into the room – just like a wood-burning stove.

ESSE’s unique heat transfer stove technology efficiently channels heat from the firebox into the graduated temperature hob, extracting energy from the combustion process for your wood-fired cooking adventures.

The graduated temperature hob offers additional heat control, with the heat reducing from 300˚C in the centre down to 190˚C at the outside.

Combine with a domestic boiler and the 5kW Warmheart will also provide hot water while the hob can be used to boil a kettle, cook a casserole or griddle a steak.

Designed to accommodate dry, seasoned logs of up to 400mm (15in) length the Warmheart can be installed pretty much anywhere to provide a reliable, ‘off-grid’ source of heat for extended periods.

Whether it’s providing heat and hot water in a remote mountain hut or char-grilled T-bones after a day’s fishing on the lake, the Warmheart can be counted on to deliver heat and sustenance, wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Graduated temperature hotplate ranging from 190°C – 300°C
  • Off-grid heating and cooking – no mains services required
  • Compatible with domestic boiler
  • Simple air control
  • Powerful 5kW heat output
  • Suitable for use in smoke control areas
  • Efficiency rating of 77%, Energy Rated ‘A’
  • Ecodesign Ready

24 or 36 month interest free available

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ESSE warmheart

More than just a wood heater, this unit is perfect for homes that want to really get the most from their heater.
You can cook on top / cook over your fire and heat your hot water, it's just packed with features
Heating capacity 50 > 150m2 with 12 to 15 hour burn time

2 Warmhearts to choose form

True cook top
Most wood heaters claim to have a cook top.
But the ESSE has a true cook top that has variable temperatures - giving you TRUE cooking experience

Passive home approved

The ESSE Warmheart is Passive home approved
And comes standard with OUT SIDE AIR - just add the ducting kit, and you are 100% passive

esse after burner

Esse's After burner re-burns your smoke to give a cleaner fire, and extends the burn time.
You can comfortably get 12 to 15hours of burn time on a full load of wood

bbq inside (optional)

Add the optional BBQ tray - and transform your Warmheart into a Inside BBQ !
Let your fire drop down to glowing embers, slide in the ESSE bbq tray and you can char-grill steaks inside your firebox.
Place a pizza stone on this bbq tray and you can do wood fired pizza's inside your ESSE

How to stop draughts in your home

No matter which heater you choose, all wood heaters require air and that can cause draught's in your home.
To stop cold air entering your home - here are 2 simple things to do

optional hot water

Both the ESSE warmheart standard and deluxe have the option to add hot water jacket - perfect for living off the grid



Flue Kit

Out Side Air




Hot water

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height 691mm
width 500mm
depth 600mm
Style Options Legs
Color Options Charcoal
Rear clearance to combustible 125mm
Side clearance to combustible 350mm
Corner clearance to combustible 225mm
Burn time 12>15+ hoursh
flue size 160mm
min flue height 4mtrs
hot water Optional
heating capacity 150m2
Average efficiency 64%
Max efficiency 74%
Emissions 1.5grms
wood length 400mm
stove weight 130kg
Made in England
Fan No


5 Year Warranty on firebox. 12 month warranty on bricks and glass