ESSE Ironheart wood stove



The ESSE IRONHEART is more then a wood stove, its an iconic piece of stunning workmanship that will be the feature in your home.

As comfortable in your lounge room, as it is in your kitchen, the IRONHEART will be there for you for decades to admire

As much as a cooker, as it is as a heater – the IRONHEART is packed with so many features.

If you are Country Australia, or in the Suburbs – going back to wood as your cooking and heating brings back true home-style cooking.

Available Australia wide

The ESSE Ironheart is not just a statement slow combustion wood stove, it combines everything you need to make your house, a home.

The large firebox not only looks stunning, but will also heat your home up to 80+m2. By placing the removable heat screen in front of the firebox door the heat is instantly trapped, allowing your stove to reduce the heat to the room to 10m2

Inside the firebox, you can BBQ directly over glowing embers. This unique feature gives you the feature to do char-gilled steaks / or wood fired pizza’s, or anything your imagination comes up with.

The large deep single oven has extremely all over even heat due to ESSE’s unique surround heating, you can bake the best sponge cakes or slow cook with ease

ESSE’s unique “dog-bone” shaped hot plate has complete temperature control, you can boil to the right, simmer to the left and char-steam directly on the hot plate

With full support from Pivot Stove & Heating, you will love the ESSE Ironheart wood stove

Unlike our standard range cookers which are designed to contain heat, the Ironheart has convection panels that radiate warmth like a wood-burning stove.

The large firebox is designed to burn wood only. With the optional multi fuel cast iron grate and ash tray allows for burning coal or briquettes.

Whatever fuel you choose, you’ll enjoy watching the flames leap and flicker through the large clear glass window.

The oven has an impressive 47 litre capacity, and you can also cook directly in the firebox. With the “dog bone” hotplate comfortably able to take up to six pans, the Ironheart is equipped to bring out the very best in creative cooks – its no wonder it’s become a firm favourite with head chef Gill Meller and his team at River Cottage HQ and Matthew Evans from Fat Pig Farm

  • Multifuel wood or smokeless coal
  • 47 Litre Oven
  • Hotplate up to 6 pans
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Heat output to room up to 9.7kw
  • Optional multi fuel conversion
  • Optional domestic hot water boiler
  • Optional hostess shelf

Experience Timeless Elegance and Exceptional Warmth with the Esse Ironheart Wood Stove

Elevate your living space with the Esse Ironheart Wood Stove, a masterpiece of craftsmanship that seamlessly blends classic design with modern functionality. Crafted to perfection, this wood stove stands as a symbol of comfort, reliability, and enduring charm.

🔥 Unparalleled Performance: Ignite a roaring fire within the heart of your home and relish in the radiant heat that only a true cast iron wood stove can provide. The Esse Ironheart’s unique convection design ensures even warmth distribution, transforming your space into a haven of coziness during the coldest nights.

🌟 Aesthetic Brilliance: With its elegant curves, intricate detailing, and exquisite cast iron construction, the Esse Ironheart is not merely a heating appliance; it’s a captivating work of art. Its timeless appearance effortlessly complements any interior, adding a touch of sophistication that transcends trends.

🌬️ Efficiency Redefined: Uniting form and function, the Esse Ironheart is ingeniously engineered to maximize fuel efficiency. Watch as your logs burn brightly while conserving energy, and savor the extended burn times that keep your home comfortable for longer.

🌿 Eco-Friendly Heating: Embrace sustainable living with the Esse Ironheart’s environmentally conscious design. Harness the power of renewable wood fuel to create a carbon-neutral warmth that aligns with your green values and reduces your ecological footprint.

🔒 Built to Last: The Esse Ironheart is more than just a wood stove; it’s a legacy piece that will be cherished for generations. Meticulously constructed from premium cast iron, it exemplifies durability and longevity, ensuring that your investment will continue to provide comfort for years to come.

🧽 Effortless Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining your Esse Ironheart is a breeze, thanks to its innovative features that facilitate ash removal and simplify upkeep. Spend more time enjoying the warmth and less time worrying about maintenance.

🍳 Versatile Cooking: Elevate your culinary adventures with the Esse Ironheart’s versatile cooking capabilities. Its dedicated hotplate and spacious oven invite you to create mouthwatering dishes that rival those from a professional kitchen, infusing your meals with a distinct wood-fired flavor.

🌐 Unify Your Home: Beyond its heating prowess, the Esse Ironheart becomes the heart of your home, a gathering place that fosters connections and cherished moments. Share stories, create memories, and bask in the allure of this timeless masterpiece.

Discover the epitome of comfort, style, and functionality with the Esse Ironheart Wood Stove. Unleash the transformative power of fire, and let the Esse Ironheart redefine the way you experience warmth and luxury in your living space. Embrace tradition, celebrate craftsmanship, and make the Esse Ironheart the centerpiece of your home today.


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Take a look at the Ironheart

This video will take you through all the features of the ESSE Ironheart

Watch me burn

The ESSE Ironheart is more than just a wood stove, the stunning glass door provides warmth to heat your home.

The large firebox door, and huge glass is stunning - allowing you to sit back and relax as you watch your fire burn

A cooker that heats

The IRONHEART is more than just a cooker, its also a serious wood heater.
It can heat as little as 30m2 - up to 180+m2
The Ironheart is HUGE
- Takes up to an 18" log
- Fully loaded, will still be going in the morning

Heat or no heat

For times you don't want too much heat into your room, or even just trying to stand in front and cook...
The Ironheart comes standard with a heat deflector fire screen. Hang it in front of the fire, and instantly the heat is reduced

Bolster lids

The 2 bolster lids do so much more than just look cool.
- Getting too hot : close the lids and trap the heat
- Want a unique cooking experience ?
Cooking asparagus directly on the on plate, close the bolster lids to CHAR-GRILL .
Steamed Char-grilled vegys directly on your hot plate

Huge hot plate cooking

The unique "Dog Bone" shaped hot plate allows you to boil and simmer all at the same time. Directly over the fire is the hottest spot, simply as sliding your pans to the right hand side the temperature starts to drop to allow you to simmer away your soups all day with ease

Cook directly on the hot plate

The cast iron hot plate is perfect for cooking directly on.
From drop scones to steak or asparagus.
It's large enough to have 4 to 5 large pans all cooking at once


Cook directly over coals in your ESSE Ironheart fire. Perfect for char-grill steaks, wood fired pizza's or whatever your imagination comes up with

One large oven

Bake like a pro with the large 47ltr oven.
With ESSE's unique surround heat, your oven is perfect for baking cakes and breads to perfection, even directly on the base of the oven

Perfect oven with surround heat

The Ironheart's unique surround oven heating design brings the heat right around the oven.
No hot spots, the oven has the most consistent oven temperature, perfect for serious bakers

The perfect stove

The Ironheart is as much as installed in your lounge room, as it is in the kitchen.
The timeless design, and quality craftsman : the ESSE Ironheart will make any house a home

Add hot water

Living off the grid?
The ESSE Ironheart can have a large hot water jacket ( wet back) installed.
It has the capacity of heating up to 400ltrs of domestic hot water
Perfect for a family of 4-5

Passive home ?

If you are building a Passive Home : The optional OUT SIDE AIR model Ironheart is for you .
This unit has the ability to duct air directly from out side

Installation made easy

Installing the Ironheart is no different to installing any wood heater.
The challenge is moving her into position
NOT ANY MORE with ESSE stove wheels
# Most ESSE dealers across Australia can loan these to you for your installation

ESSE ironheart review

A true combination of a wood stove and a wood heater, the Ironheart is more in place in the lounge room as it is in the kitchen.
Check out the customer video reviews and see why its the most loved cooker

How to stop draughts in your home

No matter which heater you choose, all wood heaters require air and that can cause draught's in your home.
To stop cold air entering your home - here are 2 simple things to do



Flue Kit

Out Side Air



Hot water

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height 900mm
width 900mm
depth 600mm
Style Options
Color Options
Rear clearance to combustible 200mm
Side clearance to combustible 160mm
Corner clearance to combustible mm
Burn time h
flue size 150mm
min flue height 5mtrs
hot water Optional
heating capacity 180m2
Average efficiency 81%
Max efficiency %
Emissions 1.9grms
wood length 45mm
stove weight 318kg
Made in