RSF10 -Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kits for 250mm (10″ heaters)

Installing a LARGE fireplace – Pivot’s RSF10 is a flue for you

The RSF 10″ ( or 250mm) Insulated flue has so many benefits

  • Outside – it’s smaller – only 300mm outer diameter
  • Faster, easier, safer to install
  • All stainless construction / 90% quieter than traditional flues

Perfect for CAST IRON fireplaces – and tested and approved for all make / model and brands


Elevate Your Wood Heater Performance with Pivot’s 10″ RSF Insulated Flue

Introducing Pivot’s 10″ RSF Insulated Flue, the ultimate solution to optimize your wood heater’s ventilation system. Crafted with precision and using premium materials, this innovative flue system is designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and overall heating experience.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Heat Retention: Maximize the warmth in your living space with Pivot’s 10″ RSF Insulated Flue. Engineered to minimize heat loss, this flue system ensures that the energy generated by your wood heater is effectively distributed throughout the room, reducing the need for frequent refueling.
  2. Safety First: With safety as a top priority, our insulated flue is meticulously designed to prevent overheating and reduce fire risks. Feel secure in the knowledge that you’re using a flue system that has been tested to the highest safety standards.
  3. Combat Condensation: The innovative design of our flue system prevents the buildup of condensation, which can lead to corrosion and premature wear. This ensures the longevity of both your wood heater and the flue, saving you money on replacement parts.
  4. Simple Installation: Setting up Pivot’s 10″ RSF Insulated Flue is a breeze, even for those with limited technical expertise. Clear instructions and all necessary components are included, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation process.
  5. Versatile Compatibility: Whether you have a classic wood heater, a contemporary stove, or a fireplace insert, our insulated flue is designed to seamlessly integrate with various heating appliances, adapting to your unique setup.
  6. Built to Last: Crafted from premium-grade, heat-resistant materials, our insulated flue is built to withstand the demands of continuous heating. Its durability ensures it can handle high temperatures and provide consistent performance over time.
  7. Sleek Design: Not only functional, but our 10″ RSF Insulated Flue also adds a touch of sophistication to your heating system. Its sleek design complements a range of interior styles, effortlessly blending into your home decor.

Transform your wood heater into a high-performance heating powerhouse with Pivot’s 10″ RSF Insulated Flue. Experience improved efficiency, enhanced safety, and long-lasting durability with this state-of-the-art flue system. Say goodbye to heat wastage and hello to a more comfortable, cost-effective heating solution.

Note: Before making your purchase, be sure to review local building codes and regulations to ensure proper compliance with installation requirements. Your safety is our priority.


What is RSF10?

Insulated flue for wood heaters is the most common flue used right around the world.
- Is all stainless steel
- Insulated with ceramic insulation
- And twist locks together

How to join the RSF flue

Joining Insulated RSF flue is so easy
The twist lock joining + locking band means no screws required at all

RSF Clearances

Our RSF10 can be installed as close as 50mm away from timbers.
RSF10 has a 250mm ( 10") inner stainless flue
and a 300mm (12") outer stainless

Supporting your flue

With a full range of flue brackets and supports, installing your RSF10" flue is made easy

Have a true passive house ?

If you have a true passive house, our Patented RSF Ceiling ring DOUBLE seals the flue at the ceiling line to offer a TRUE and APPROVED Wood Heater flue solution for Passive Homes

Cleaner burning

When you install insulated flue on your wood heater, it's been tested and proven to increase your wood heaters Efficiency
- It will make your heater increase its efficiency by up to 10%
- and will reduce your wood heaters emissions ( Smoke ) by up to 15%

Interview with a plumber

Michael - a registered and experienced plumber uses RSF flue on his CAST IRON FIREPLACE to see how easy it is to install.
And the added performance

Fit all make and model wood heaters

Perfect for any wood heater that uses 10" ( 250mm ) size flue : including PAD, Maison, Chiminea Phillipe, Chazelles or Sculpt fireplaces

available austalia wide

Pivot's RSF flue is available through out Australia through our dealer network


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