hot water heat exchange – connect your wood stove to any mains pressure tank

The external heat exchange is the perfect way to connect any wood stove or wood heater that has a hot water jacket (wet back) to any existing storage hot water system.

As wood stoves must be installed to low pressure, but storage hot water system are mains pressure. the heat exchange allows you to transfer the heat.

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what is a heat exchange?

all wood stoves and heaters with wet backs (hot water jackets) must be connected to low pressure systems.
the heat exchange allows you to connect any wet back to a main pressure tank - and still be low pressure

fits to any brand storage tank

if you have a gas storage or electric storage hot water tank, the heat exchange can be fitted to any brand hot water service

how does it get installed?

a standard header tank set up on gravity feed is installed.
there is a thermostat connected to the pipe, and once there is heat in the pipe, the pump turns on to pump the hot water to the heat exchange.
it's all automatic, you don't need to do anything.

how a heat exchanger works

- the water from your mains pressure passes through a pipe, this pipe is "hugged" by a hot coil.
- the water in the hot coil is low pressure, and heated by your wood stoves hot water jacket
- the heat transfers though this "hug" to heat the water in your mains pressure hot water system

different ways to install

there are may ways you can install the heat exchange system.
# see download manual for more information

hot water heat exchange review

heat exchange systems are not new, they are used regularly in commercial applications.
basically, this is a small version of a commercial system - perfect for any home wanting to heat your hot water service from a wood stove's wet back



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