Jarrahdale Swagman – Heats 150+m2


Made in WA – the Jarrahdale range of wood heaters are built TOUGH.

Made to burn Jarrah ( this wood common in WA) that burns really hot – the Jarrahdale range of wood heaters are perfect for the serious wood heater enthusiast.

A radiant wood heater, the Swagman wood heater will heat 150+m2

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Convection Series

Convection wood heaters are ideal for well insulated and modern, open-plan homes. Convection heaters create a cosy ambience by circulating warm air around the room.

Convection chambers include an air space that allows an almost constant circulation of air – as warm air rises it is displaced by cooler air, which then warms up from the stove and rises up to follow. This cycle creates a flow throughout the room with the hottest air pushing up to the ceiling and the warm air remaining in the lower part of the room to provide well-distributed, even warmth to the entire living area.

For larger spaces, our convection wood heaters are available with an optional 2-speed fan, to help move the heat throughout your home.

The Swagman has been specifically designed with modern, smaller homes in mind. As our most compact wood heater, it is perfect for saving space while still efficiently heating up to 148sq/m, or approximately a three-bedroom home.

Featured here with a pedestal base to raise the firebox 320mm from the floor, the Swagman promises to be an attractive, stand-out feature of any room.

Also available with custom-made steel legs instead of a pedestal, to be in-keeping with heritage style and character homes.

Optional side heat-shields can be fitted for placement closer to walls.

All Jarrahdale Wood Heaters are made in Perth to strict Australian Standards using locally-sourced steel. Our fireboxes are made using 6mm solid steel while all other components are 8mm solid steel.


The Swagman

The perfect Radiant wood heater.
Heating comfortably 150+m2, with a massive glass door


With an impressive heating capacity of 150+m2.
This heater burns clean @ only 1gm emissions
And 61% efficiency

Legs or Pedestal

The Swagman radiant wood heater is available of Pedestal or on legs

Cook Top

The Swagman has an impressive large TRUE cook top
Perfect for boiling a kettle : or slow cooking soup

Simple to use

The cool door handle and single air control makes the Swagman a very user friendly wood heater to use

Jarrahdale Colours

Available standard as Metallic Black, or choose from stovebright colours Goldenfire Brown, Metallic Blue or Titanium

Made in Australia

Jarrahdale wood heaters are made in Perth Western Australia.
These solid and reliable wood heaters are built tough designed to burn the hottest wood, Jarrah, these heaters will give you years of reliable heating


Pivot Stove and Jarrahdale have partnered up to bring the Jarrahdale wood heaters to the East Coast.
Starting back in the 70's Jarrahdale have been the largest wood heater supplier in WA - now available here ...


Flue Kit




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height 710mm
width 540mm
depth 455mm
Style Options Legs or Pedestal
Color Options Black
Rear clearance to combustible 300mm
Side clearance to combustible 700mm
Corner clearance to combustible 535mm
Burn time 8 - 10+ hoursh
flue size 150mm
min flue height 4mtrs
hot water No
heating capacity 150m2
Average efficiency 61%
Max efficiency 61%
Emissions 1grms
wood length 350mm
stove weight 75kg
Made in Western Australia
Fan No


10 Year warranty on Firebox 3 Year warranty on Baffle