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By Greg Parker-Hill

The True North heaters are made by Pacific Energy in Victoria BC Canada – so they are made for very cold conditions.

The comment calling them a budget heater is almost insulting to these models, yes they are well prices, but budget : no.

True North wood heaters are packed with features that you will absolutely love.

The Top.

Made out of solid steel, the top of the heaters are a true cook tops. You can boil 3 to 4 pots at the same time on this massive surface area

The Firebox.

A lot of budget heaters don’t have any firebricks, or if they do, they are only across the bottom of the firebox.

The True North heaters are fully firebrick lined : there is no exposed steel at all onside the firebox.

The base, the side walls, the read wall all have 25mm thick firebricks to ensure not only will your fire have the perfect environment to burn hot and clean, but these bricks also offer thermal mass to ensure the heater is still heating hours after the fire has gone out

Clean Burning.

Secondary burn is in all wood heaters today. How secondly burn works is additional air is heated over 250+0C through a 25mm round tube with holes in it. This tube is inside the firebox, either under the baffle to get the maximum heat.

As the air goes thought this pipe, its heated by the fire below, and as it leaves through the drilled holes in the tube, this super hot air goes directly into the smoke your burning wood, and its this super hot air that ignites the smoke to give you secondary burn.

This secondary burn does a couple of things.

Firstly it gives you more heat. The ignition of the smoke creates additional fire/flames which is additional heat : this is factored in the efficiency of the heaters performance.

Secondly, it re burns smoke. What this is doing is reducing the emissions your heater produces. : this is factored in the emissions results.

Quad Burn in the True North wood heaters.

Inside the true north wood heaters you will find not one, but four of these secondary burn systems.

Made from stainless steel, these four secondary burn systems significantly increase the stoves performance.

Where most manufactures have your heater set that you cant turn it down, this additional secondary air means these tubes are doing exactly what they are designed to do, allowing the True North Heater to be able banked right down for overnight burn

The true north tn10 : you will get up to 10 hour burn time / the true north th20 : you will get up 15+hour burn time


Firebox direction

The TN10 is called East-West  : and take a 300mm long wood.

The TN20 is called North-South : and takes 450mm long pieces of wood.


Outside air.

All fires require oxygen to burn, and as newer homes are more insulated and air tight, wood heaters in modern new homes struggle to burn correctly.

The True North wood heaters all have the option to have the oxygen your fire needs to burn coming from outside

Outside Air is a simple 100mm duct that goes for the back of your heater to the outside of your home, and all the air your fire needs to burn is supplied by outside.

Even in older homes, outside air kits on wood heaters are highly recommended, they will stop the drafts across the floor as your fire is burning


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