RSF6 -Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kits for 150mm (6″ heaters)

Pivot’s RSF6 – is a 150mm ( or 6″ ) flue kit – designed, tested and approved for any make – model or brand wood heater that uses 150mm ( or 6″ ) flue.

Its 90% quieter / all stainless steel construction / twist locks together / cleaner lines.

More importantly – its ROOM SEAL – meaning none of your hot air you just made is used to cool the flue down

On average, you will save around 1/2 to 1 ton of wood per year using RSF flue

( and get a longer burn time on your wood heater )





🔥 Upgrade Your Wood Heater with Pivot Stoves RSF 6″ Insulated Flue System! 🔥

Experience Unmatched Efficiency and Safety in Heating

Are you ready to take your wood heater to the next level? Introducing the Pivot Stoves RSF 6″ Insulated Flue System – a game-changing innovation that maximizes the performance of your wood heater while prioritizing your safety.

Why Choose Pivot Stoves RSF 6″ Insulated Flue System?

Efficient Heat Retention: Say goodbye to wasted heat. Our insulated flue system is designed to keep heat where it belongs – in your living space. Enjoy longer-lasting warmth, reduced fuel consumption, and increased overall efficiency.

Advanced Safety: Your safety matters most. Tested to the highest possible standard, Pivot RSF is one of the safest flue systems on the market.

Corrosion Prevention: Our innovative design combats condensation buildup, preventing corrosion and extending the life of your wood heater and flue system. Invest in durability and long-term performance.

Easy Installation: No need to be a DIY expert. We’ve made installation hassle-free with clear instructions and all necessary components included. Get your new flue system up and running in no time!

Versatile Compatibility: Whether you have a traditional wood heater or a modern stove, our 6″ insulated flue system seamlessly integrates with various heating appliances. Experience adaptable performance tailored to your setup.

Built to Last: Crafted from premium-grade, heat-resistant materials, our flue system stands up to the demands of continuous high-temperature operation. Count on its reliability year after year.

Aesthetic Enhancement: Not just functional, our flue system adds a touch of sophistication to your wood heater setup. Its sleek design blends seamlessly with different interior styles, elevating your home decor.

Elevate your wood heater experience with the Pivot Stoves RSF 6″ Insulated Flue System. Say hello to efficient heating, enhanced safety, and cost-effective warmth. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your wood heater into a true heating powerhouse!

Before purchasing, ensure that you review and adhere to local building codes and regulations to guarantee proper compliance with installation requirements. Your safety is our top priority.

Upgrade Today and Feel the Difference!


Insualted Flue

Insulated flue for wood heaters is the most common flue used right around the world.
- Is all stainless steel
- Insulated with ceramic insulation
- And twist locks together

Why RSF Flue

- All Stainless Steel Construction
- 7 Year Warranty
- 90% quieter than traditional triple Skin Flue Kits
- Saves you 8% heat loss
- Passive Home Approved
- Easier and safer to install

How to join the RSF flue

Joining Insulated RSF flue is so easy

The twist lock joining + locking band means no screws required at all

The right flue for your wood heater

- Choose the right flue for your wood heater will save you $$
- Traditional Air cooled flues use 1/2 trailer load of wood - heat lost through the flue
- RSF flue is ROOM SEAL : and will save you 1/2 a trailer load of wood per year
## thats up to $ 350.00 in saving every year

IFK or RSF ? whats the difference

# IFK flue kits use a standard non-insulated ceiling ring.

#RSF flue kits use an insulated ceiling ring to 100% air seal the room# perfect for Passive homes

## Both kits use our Insulated flue


Pivots Insulated flue
- Increased your wood heaters performance by 8%

- Its 90% quieter than traditional air cooled flues

- Increased your heaters burn time by up to 25%

Have a true passive house ?

If you have a true passive house, our Patented RSF Ceiling ring DOUBLE seals the flue at the ceiling line to offer a TRUE and APPROVED Wood Heater flue solution for Passive Homes


Our RSF6 can be installed as close as 25mm away from timbers.

RSF6 has a 150mm ( 6") inner stainless flue
and a 200mm (8") outer stainless flue

Fits other size heaters

RSF6 has adapters to allow this flue to be installed on
- Heaters that use 5" flue : RSF5 Adapter
- Heaters that use 6" flue : RSF6 Adapter
- Heaters that use 7" flue : RSF7 Adapter

RSF Flue is perfect for inner suburbs

If you live in a noisy area - installing our RSF flue will reduce noise into your home by 95%..

Check out this video of a house next to a busy railway line

Changing from standard flue to RSF flue

Greg visits a home that has had smoking and water leaks

Changing the old flue over to RSF Insulated Flue : see the difference

Cleaner burning

When you install insulated flue on your wood heater, its been tested and proven to increase your wood heaters Efficiency
- It will make your heater increase its efficiency by up to 10%
- and will - Reduces your wood heaters emissions ( Smoke ) by up to 15%

Fit all make and model wood heaters

Pivots Insulated flue comes is tested and approved to As/NZS2918:2008
Approved for all Make / Model and Brand wood heaters

Standard Insulated RSF Flue Kit

4mtr Insulated ROOM SEAL FLUE KIT
- Painted Stainless with Heat Shield in Room
- Perfect for new high efficient homes
- Improved efficiency by 8%
- Eliminate cold drafts in your home

Fully Insulated RSF Flue Kit ## Recommend ##

- Insulated flue starts on top of the heater
- Perfect for new high efficient homes
- 90% quieter & Improved efficiency by 8% AND increases your wood heaters performance
- Eliminate cold drafts in your home

Cathedral ceiling

Our IFK & RSF Insulated Flue kits comes with options for all angle ceilings

0>8° : 15° : 22.5° : 30° & 45°

Rear Insulated RSF flue kit

4mtr Insulated REAR FLUE KIT for wood heater
- All stainless construction
- Includes Tee with cleaning access cap
- 7 year warranty

2 Story: Floor penetration flue kit

With 4 types to choose from ; the Full RSF Insulated flue kit is 90% quieter for bedrooms upstairs

45 Degree Wall penetration flue kit for wood heaters

RSF Fully insulated 45° wall penetration flue kit for wood Heaters. .

Designed for outside wall installations

Fully insulated flue kit for wood stoves.

RSF Fully insulated flue kit for wood stoves. .

Comes with Access door for cleaning out the flue

Perfect for Esse / Thermolux and Rayburn Wood Stoves

Bracing your flue

There are more options in securing your flue with our RSF support bracket options


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