RSF Pizza oven flue

If you are building a pizza oven – domestic or commercial, Pivots RSF flue is designed and tested for al make and model pizza ovens

from DIY, to professional pizza ovens, we have an RSF flue for you


Putting a Pizza Oven under cover?

Our RSF Flue for Pizza Ovens are designed as a DIY solution for installing any make, model or brand Pizza Oven under cover

Black or stainless

Our RSF Flue for Pizza Ovens is available all black, or all stainless

Insulated flue

Our RSF flue for pizza ovens is all insulated - allowing you to install only 25m away from any timber

Easy to join

Our RSF flue simply twists together.

No need for any screws, the twist lock joining system locks together with a simple turn

Plently of extra's

Our RSF flue has all the options you need.
From ceiling rings / extra lengths / bends and even flashing


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height mm
width mm
depth mm
Style Options
Color Options
Rear clearance to combustible mm
Side clearance to combustible mm
Corner clearance to combustible mm
Burn time h
flue size mm
min flue height mtrs
hot water No
heating capacity m2
Average efficiency %
Max efficiency %
Emissions grms
wood length mm
stove weight kg
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